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STBM Kelowna

 Simchat Torah Beit Midrash

Weekly Torah Readings: 2023
International Center for Torah Studies

STBM Kelowna is a division of a worldwide organization stationed out of Denver, CO, of which, Ralph Messer is the founder and president.  Simchat Torah Beit Midrash, (STBM), translated from the Hebrew simply means, The Joy of God's Teaching and Instruction. A Beit Midrash, is a House of Joy, Worship and Study. STBM is also a premier Publisher and Resource Center for Hebraic materials, Bible courses and curriculum. Click on STBM Denver, CO for more information.  


Through the vision of Ralph Messer, STBM launched the International Center for Torah Studies, (ICTS), - a multi-level curriculum facilitating  college-style courses in class rooms internationally, including on-line Biblical studies available exclusively through the stbm website   ICTS teaches people authentic business principles, as well as fundamental moral principles for living a successful life.    

God's Feast Days: 2023
STBM Denver, CO
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